Revealing lynching sites in North Carolina



Map Information
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Map ID: cdla302
Short title: NC:SWAIN::HIGHWAY:1938
Description: Blue line print. 3 Inset maps show areas of Bushnell, Almond and Ravensford. Railroads shown include Southern Railway, Carolina and Tennessee Southern Railway and Mining Railroads. Symbols designate locations of post offices, mines, schools, churches, Civilian Conservation Corps camps, cemeteries, manufacturing plants and saw mills. Also shown is the Cherokee Indian Reservation, portions of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Nantahala National Forest. The legend shown is used for this entire series of county highway maps and does not necessarily mean all elements are present on this map.
Credits: UNC/CDLA (Chien-Yi Hou)
N,S,E,W Bounds: 35.7586, 35.2069, -82.9445, -84.0712
Min/Max Zoom: 6/15
Inverse Y-axis: FALSE

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