Revealing lynching sites in North Carolina



Map Information
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Short title: NC:ROBESON::SOIL:1908
Description: Printed in colors coded to soil types. Soil profile reported in left margin. Map shows churches, schools, mills, townships, swamp lands, creeks, ponds, bays, rivers, roads, and railroads, including the Atlantic Coast Line (Southeastern R.R. and Bennettsville Branch), Red Springs and Bowmore Rail Road, and the Aberdeen and Rockfish Rail Road. Townships shown include Blue Spring, Lumber Bridge, Parkton, St. Paul, Maxton, Alfordsville, Raft Swamp, Back Swamp, Lumberton, Howellsville, Wishart, Britt, Thompson No. 1, Thompson No. 2, Whitehouse No. 1, Whitehouse No. 2.
Credits: UNC/CDLA (Chien-Yi Hou)
N,S,E,W Bounds: 34.995, 34.3058, -79.4522, -79.4719
Min/Max Zoom: 6/15
Inverse Y-axis: FALSE

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