Revealing lynching sites in North Carolina



Map Information
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Map ID: cdla223
Short title: NC:MITCHELL::HIGHWAY:1967
Description: Blue line print. Map shows all of Mitchell County surrounded by inset enlargements of municipal and suburban areas. Insets, at scale of 1:31,680: Bakersville and vicinity, Spruce Pine and vicinity, Hawk. Symbols designate locations of churches, schools, cemeteries, gravel pits or quarries, post offices, saw mills, manufacturing plants, and mines. Also designated are portions of the Pisgah National Forest and Flat Top Mountain Wildlife Management Area. Mountain peaks and gaps are named, and some elevations are given. Includes "Key to County Road Numbers" and inset map showing the county's location within North Carolina. The legend shown is used for this entire series of county highway maps and does not necessarily mean all elements are present on this map.
Credits: UNC/CDLA (Chien-Yi Hou)
N,S,E,W Bounds: 36.2077, 35.643, -81.8275, -82.4787
Min/Max Zoom: 6/15
Inverse Y-axis: FALSE

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