Revealing lynching sites in North Carolina



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Short title: NC:CALDWELL::SOIL:1917
Description: Maps shows soils coded by color. Soil types are shown in a legend at right. Relief shown by contours. Map also shows rivers, creeks, roads, houses, churches, schools, stores, and a line of the Carolina and Northwestern railroad. At top left: "U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Soils. Milton Whitney, Chief. Curtis F. Marbut, in charge soil survey." At top right: "North Carolina Department of Agriculture, W.A. Graham, Commissioner. B.W. Kilgore, State Chemist and Director, Agricultural Experiment Station. C.B. Williams, Agronomist." Below map: "W. Edward Hearn, Inspector, Southern Division. Soils surveyed by W.B. Cobb, of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in charge, and S.F. Davidson, of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. Base map in part from U.S. Geological Survey sheets. Snyder & Black, N.Y. Field Operations, Bureau of Soils, 1917."
Credits: UNC/CDLA (Chien-Yi Hou)
N,S,E,W Bounds: 36.1546, 35.7251, -81.2609, -81.82254
Min/Max Zoom: 6/15
Inverse Y-axis: FALSE

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