Revealing lynching sites in North Carolina



Map Information
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Short title: NC:ANSON::ROAD:1930
Description: Reduced electrostatic copy. This map was prepared under the direction of the State Highway Commission, the State Tax Commission, and the U.S. Bureau of Public Roads. It is one of a series of county maps published as part of the State Tax Commission in 1930. This map portrays Anson County and shows the state highways and county roads in the county. State highways are identified by their number designation and county roads by class and type. A legend and a table reporting the number of miles of state highways and county roads of each class and type in the county are found in the lower right corner. The highway district in which the county is located appears below the title in the upper right of the map.
Credits: UNC/CDLA (Chien-Yi Hou)
N,S,E,W Bounds: 35.3781, 34.6363, -79.6473, -80.5343
Min/Max Zoom: 6/15
Inverse Y-axis: FALSE

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